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Presentation skills training

Presentation Skills Training Courses

Do You Want To Be A Better Presenter?

Presentation skills training and coaching can make it happen.​

​Organise some corporate training, join a public course or have some one to one skills coaching.

Whatever your presentation or public speaking needs we are here to help.

Presentation Coaching

Presentation skills coaching

You can choose a presentation training package that's right for you. One to one presentation skills coaching would suit you when you want to focus on your core presenting skills, without distractions.

Presentation Training

Public presentation training course

A public presentation training course involves a maximum of six trainees from different organisations sharing a public presentation training course at an off-site presentation training centre.

Corporate Training

Corporate presentation training

Tailored presentation training (bespoke training) would suit a team in need of the same level of presenting ability and confidence. Corporate presentation training is available throughout the country.

Become A Better Presenter

How many would-be presenters go out of their way to avoid giving a presentation or speech in public?

Be a better presenter

When we ask this question of our clients, the numbers add up very quickly. It's a lot of would-be presenters who are trying to avoid giving a presentation.

People avoid presentations or speeches for two main reasons:

  • First, they believe they don't have the skills for an effective presentation, and
  • Second, they lack the confidence to give a presentation or speech.

Presentation skills and confidence. They are two sides of the same coin. And, importantly, you can boost them with effective presentation training.

You can feel your confidence grow as you learn to understand the key steps needed for a successful presentation.

​Watch your skills develop once you have the confidence to stand up and give a presentation. It all adds up to a virtuous circle of presenting success.

Training Services

Dedicated to presentation and public speaking skills you can expect to find the training or coaching service you need.

​Presentation skills training gives you the tools to be a better presenter. better skills. More confidence.

You can achieve perfect presentations and speaker confidence with effective skills training

You can call us on +44 (0)1344 859 823 to discuss your presentation training needs.

Better Presentation Skills

When you need to give a presentation, the PresentPerfectTMskills training course is invaluable–boosting your presenting skills, your confidence and your motivation.

Effective presentation skill training provides the right techniques and confidence for better presenting. Better presenters. Better presentations.

You can become a more confident presenter with the right presentation techniques. And with effective skills training you can be more productive, more motivated and more enterprising.

​Presentation Review

When you need to give a presentation, a candid third party PowerPoint presentation review of your presentation can be just the ticket–giving you the chance to hone your presentation slides.

Presentation review

This on-line presentation review is simple to set up at a time that suits you. A phone line and a web connection are all you need to get started.

Confident Public Speaking

Give yourself the chance to learn the fundamentals of good public speaking, the techniques and speaking styles of the experts.

When you join a public speaking training course you will be tutored by an experienced specialist trainer in a small working group.

Importantly, your learning will be uninterrupted by on-site concerns. And with more than 40 off-site presentation training centres around the country you won't need to travel far to participate.

​Speech Rehearsal

Speech rehearsal

To make your presentation or speech rehearsing task that much easier, you can book a presentation rehearsal session.

It's so's cost effective, and you can rehearse on-line via a teleconference.

It's so easy to set up that you can be rehearsing your speech at a time convenient to you.​

Our Training Centres

presentation training centres

With more than 40 presentation training centres around the country you are never far from a Time to Market training course.

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Presentation Tip of the Month

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Your Leadership Speech

The New Year Leadership Speech. Read about the five essential elements for your Leadership Speech in the office or the conference this New Year.

      Your Leadership Speech

​This top presenting tip is an example of the tips you can find in our regular Telling it Straight podcast.


What can I expect for my training budget? That's a question that we are always ready to answer. When you want presentation training that suits your purpose. And when you want public speaking courses that are value for money…