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The Art of Presentation Blog

Speeches, speakers, presentations and presenters making the news. That’s briefly what we discuss in the blog, the art of presentation.the art of presentation blog

Yes, we assess the public speaking performance of the key players…politicians, business leaders, sports people and actors.

But our aims include an ambition to shout out for the unheard and promote the unseen.

Looking behind the scenes of topical speeches and newsworthy presentations, we look out for the brilliant, the bizarre and the just plain odd. And experience suggests there’s a lot of very odd speeches out there.

That’s the art of presentation.

Speeches & Presentations Making Headlines

About the Blog

The art of presentation blog is a collection of thoughts and ideas about speeches and presentations making the news today.

Highlighting the best, the worst and the totally bizarre, the art of presentation aims to inspire everyone, everywhere with their public speaking skills.

Andrew Ivey writes the blog. He’s the Principal Trainer at presentation skills training provider Time to Market.

Peter Bowler, webmaster and general IT do-it-all at the business provides ideas and suggestions, and a well-placed kick when writer’s block sets in.

Time to Market provides presentation skills and public speaking training courses, coaching and seminars to professionals and managers throughout the United Kingdom. Training and coaching is designed to meet the public speaking needs of a range of speakers: beginners to advanced conference speakers.