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the art of presentation blogSpeeches, speakers, presentations and presenters making the news. That's briefly what we discuss in the blog, the art of presentation.

Yes, we assess the public speaking performance of the key players…politicians, business leaders, sports people and actors.

But our aims include an ambition to shout out for the unheard and promote the unseen.

Looking behind the scenes of topical speeches and newsworthy presentations, we look out for the brilliant, the bizarre and the just plain odd.

That's the art of presentation.

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Lord Rose Speech

English Rose Speech Launches Stronger in Europe Campaign

A Stuart Rose speech set the arguments about Europe back into the headlines on Monday. Such arguments over Britain's position in the European Union are set to get louder and louder in the weeks and months to come. That's because the referendum over our continued membership of the EU is getting closer. And the respective In and Out campaigns are being launched.In truth, no-one … [Read More...]

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