Hillary Clinton Public Speaking Rumoured at $200,000 a Speech

Hillary Clinton public speaking

Hillary Clinton’s speeches earn $200,000 apiece

We’ve noted previously the enormous earning power of President Clinton’s speeches in the years since he left office. Much of the information on the value of his public speaking is in the public domain because Hillary Clinton was, until recently, Secretary of State.

That’s changing of course, now that Hillary has left office. But the absence of real numbers hasn’t stopped people in the States from speculating how much she’s paid for her speeches.

Speculation this week puts a marker at $200,000 a speech. That’s probably on top of travel costs I suspect. The marker is largely drawn from analysis of President Clinton’s public speaking over the last few years. That’s proved very lucrative.

An estimate earlier this year suggested that the former President had earned some $100 million from his public speaking in the years since his two terms in the White House. That’s some income!

We can only speculate whether Hillary Clinton is building up a war chest for a tilt at the Presidency after President Obama. If that’s the case then we can expect even more scrutiny over her public speaking income.

President Clinton has managed to keep quiet about future plans:

I don’t know what Hillary’s going to do, but whatever it is, I expect to support it.

Whatever plans she might have we can realistically expect a whole series of public speaking engagements across the States and further afield.


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