EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION TIPS from the 2010 Telling it Straight newsletter archive

Effective presentation tips

Effective Presentation Tips

Here are some more effective presentation tips and public speaking techniques for more effective presentations and speeches. They are all featured in the Telling it Straight effective presentation tips newsletter.

Make a PowerPoint Presentation

Here are five effective presentation tips for when you have to make a PowerPoint presentation. Learn all that's new on making a PowerPoint presentation.

Using PowerPoint

Using PowerPoint doesn't have to be a chore. Here are five tips for using PowerPoint effectively. Make PowerPoint work hard for you.

How You Can be Confident When Presenting

Here's an effective presentation tip that looks at the confidence, control and commitment that you need when you need presentation confidence.

How to Use Voice Tone for Best Effect

The right voice tone helps you engage with your audience, so when you want to use the right stress and tone for effective presentations this effective presentation tip shows you how to succeed.

Top Tips for Confident Presenting

Being more confident in front of your audience is crucial. Here are four presentation tips to help you with your confident presentation skills.

How to Give Impromptu Speeches

3 top public speaking tips for giving impromptu speeches.

How to Use Props in Your Presentation

5 effective presentation tips and techniques showing you how to use a prop when you are presenting.

5 Tips for Great Question & Answer Sessions When You Present

Taking presentation questions is a great opportunity for a presenter. This effective presentation tip shows you how to handle presentation audience questions.

PowerPoint Presenting Skills Tip

Too much text on your slides can cause PowerPoint text overload for your audience. Presentation research shows why this happens.

Team Presentations Tip

Team presentations can prove tougher than speaking on your own. But the results of a team presentation easily outweigh the added effort. This effective presentation tip should help.

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