PRESENTATION SKILLS TIPS from the 2011 Telling it Straight newsletter archive

Presentation skills tips

Presentation Skills Tips

Here's a selection of presentation skills tips and techniques for more effective presentations and speeches. All the presentation skills tips have been featured in the Telling it Straight skills tips newsletter.

How You Can Give a Speech at Your Office Party

When you plan some office party public speaking at your work party it pays to be as prepared as possible.

Your Presentation Topics

Your choice of presentation topics might be forced on you. But if you do have a choice then be selective about your presentation topic.

Presentation Technology

Using presentation technology can cause anxiety in many presenters. Here are three presentation skills tips to help you be more confident when using presenting technology.

Public Speaking Practice

A commitment to public speaking practice is essential when you want to become an accomplished speaker.

Writing a Presentation

Writing a presentation is a simple way to prepare your next presentation. These five presentation skills tips show you why that's the case.

Starting a Presentation

How best to start a presentation? That's a question asked by many presenters. Here are some presentation skills tips on starting a presentation.

Presentation Introduction

Your presentation introduction really does matter. Here are 5 presentation skills tips to help you make the most of it.

PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Your presentation audience will pay your PowerPoint presentation slides a lot more attention if you follow these five presentation skills tips.

Do a PowerPoint Presentation

Five presentation skills tips to help you when you next have to do a PowerPoint presentation.

Which Presentation Manager?

When you come to updating your Office software you might well consider an alternative to PowerPoint. But what choices do you have for an alternative presentation manager?

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"PowerPoint is popular only because it helps disorganized presenters feel more organized"

Edward Tufte