EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION SKILLS TIPS from the 2007 Telling it Straight newsletter archive

Effective presentation skills tips

Effective Presentation Skills Tips

Effective presentation skills and public speaking tips from the Telling it Straight 2007 archive. A series of effective presentation tips and public speaking hints that featured in the Telling it Straight newsletters from 2007.

Presentation Dress Code

Effective presentation skills tip–a dress code for presenters. Dress sense for presenters is always important, but this tip shows it's not as difficult as it might appear.

Your 3 Presentation Points

Effective presentation skills tips this month include the main presentation points essential to any effective presentation.

Your Multi-Tone Presentation

Monotone versus multi-tone presentation style. A simple explanation for why speakers adopt a monotonic presentation voice and an easy approach to the effective presentation skills for fixing it.

Questions to Ask Before You Present

This effective presentation skills tip looks at your presentation opportunities–and the key questions you should ask when invited to make a presentation–anything from a conference event to a Board room presentation.

Survival Guide for Office Party Speeches

In this effective presentation skills tip we look at office parties–and the skills needed for the office party speech. This is a 10 point survival guide for speakers to help you with the essential office party presentation skills

Top 10 Organising Techniques for Presenters

This effective presentation skills tip looks at the essential organising techniques for presenters to engage their audience. That's the main imperative of effective presenting. But beyond the vigour, volume or resonance of the voice there is so much that can be done to organise your presentation for maximum effect.

How to Organise Your Presentation

This effective presentation skills tip looks at the organisation needed for an effective presentation. This tip highlights sound structure and organisation skills.

Effective Use of PowerPoint for Presentations

This effective presentation skills tip looks at the techniques needed for Effective PowerPoint Presentations. We also consider the roles played by content and style in your presentation.

Presentation Image

When you want to know how to be a good presenter, this effective presentation skills tip shows the importance of images in your presentation. Using quality imagery to fully engage your audience will ensure your presentation hits the mark every time.

Presentation Relevance

Relevance is key to successful presenting - no matter whether it's a trade show presentation or a corporate presentation. Here's a tip showing you how to make your presentation relevant.

Know Your Presentation Audience

In this effective presentation skills tip we look at what you need to do to really know your audience. Here are a series of presentation techniques you can use to know your audience at your presenting event.

Getting Your Message Across

In this effective presentation skills tip we look at how you can get your message across when you give a presentation. Here are some presentation skills tips for more effective presentations.

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