SUCCESSFUL PRESENTATION TIPS from the 2009 Telling it Straight newsletter archive

Successful presentation tips

Successful Presentation Tips

Here's a series of successful presentation skills tips and public speaking suggestions. They are all featured in the Telling it Straight presentation skills tips newsletter.

Presentation Titles For Effect, Impact and Interest

Getting your title right for your presentation will mark you out as a successful presenter. Here are some successful presentation tips to title your presentation for maximum effect.

Presentation Skills Tip: Brief and to the Point

All the benefits of brief and to the point presentations with the right presentation length for your audience. A short duration rather than an endurance.

How You Can Engage With Your Audience

Presentation audience engagement is key to your presenting success. These three successful presentation tips will transform the most humdrum management presentation.

How To Be A Dynamic Communicator

You can become a dynamic communicator when you know the link between the art of presentation, conversation and listening. This successful presentation tip from the PresentPerfectTM training course shows you how to become a dynamic communicator.

Effective Public Speeches

You can define the best public speeches as much by their pauses as their words. In this public speaking tip we look at the pause.

Effective Public Speaking

When you work on your next speech here are five public speaking tips for better use of language for more effective public speaking.

PowerPoint Presentation Skills

When you want a PowerPoint presentation to boost your performance as a presenter here are ten successful presentation tips to bear in mind.

Finishing Your Presentation

Finishing your presentation or speech requires work and training if your presentation is to be memorable and successful.

How To Give The Office Party Speech

It's that time of year when you have to consider the office party and the chance that you need to give a speech. We have ten top tips for the office party speech.

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

If you get at all nervous before a public speaking event then you will appreciate that you are not alone. Here are some public speaking tips to manage your nerves.

Opening Your Speech With Style: Five Ways To Start Your Speech

Opening your speech doesn't have to be daunting. Here are five successful public speaking tips to open your speech with style.

How To Start Your Speech

Your first 90 seconds with your audience matters the most. This successful public speaking tip shows five good reasons why how to start your speech is so important.

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"It takes one hour of preparation for each minute of presentation time."

Wayne Burgraff