Presenters Public Speakers Resources

Presenters and Public Speakers Resources

These presenters and public speakers resources are not intended as an exhaustive list of web-based resources. They might, however, provide some direction when you are preparing a speech or need some specialist service.

Resources for Presenters and Public Speakers

Employment and interviews
Presentation materials
Marketing and planning

Employment and Interviews for Presenters and Public Speakers

Alec's FREE CV writing, resume writing, interview questions and job search tips FREE advice on how to dramatically improve your CV / resume, find a job and handle interviews. Plus sample CVs / resumes, cover letters, psychometric testing, a recruitment agency finder, CV / resume distribution, links to 200,000+ jobs and much more.

CV writing - CV ideas and tutorials on how to write the best CV for your situation.

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CV Writing Services first class CV writing services suitable for every level of employment

Best job sites in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and internationally Learn which job sites are the best to visit, whatever job sector you are in. This website covers job sites in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and internationally.

Best job sites for medical jobs, health care jobs and pharmaceutical jobs Are you seeking a job in the health care / medical or pharmaceutical sectors? provides FREE advice on how to find your next job, listing the best job sites, recruitment agencies and employer sites.

Business School Worldwide business schools directory

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Law Firm Marketing and Business Development

Equipment for Presenters and Public Speakers

Interactive PowerPoint presentations with might prove a novelty worth trying.

Events for Presenters and Public Speakers

The Economist conference events are held worldwide and are very worthwhile.

European conferences, events and seminars are organised by the Stockholm network and are equally valuable.

Conferences and events are also organised by the Royal Society in London. They highlight how to present complexity in a simple understandable fashion.

Presentation Materials for Presenters and Public Speakers - offers professional graphic design and commercial printing services. Specializing in full colour business cards, postcards and plastic cards.

Converting courses to e-learning: Interactive video DVD, multimedia CD-ROM and online learning production service

ReadySetPresent - features downloadable content and resources for your presentations.

Quotations for Presenters and Public Speakers

When you need a quotation at the start of your speech here's an excellent website for quotations organised by subject and author.

And here's an equally good interactive website with loads of material when you need to build some references into your presentation.

And another excellent website for speech quotations, sayings and other information.

Reading for Presenters and Public Speakers

This reading list is only a current snapshot of good books about presenting. They are all available today:

slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations: The Art and Science of Presentation Design

Beyond Bullet Points: Using Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007 to Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate, and Inspire

Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery (Voices That Matter)

Better Than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging eLearning with PowerPoint


A passionate and entertaining speaker who knows his subject thoroughly--surprisingly affordable, see Shel Horowitz's site. Highly Recommended.

Celebrity Speakers Australia
Speakers, achievers and celebrities for events and conferences. Experts to inform and inspire your team. Professional training in presentation, communication and people skills. Australia's leading speakers bureau for informed advice and bookings.

Helping Students with Anxiety About Public Speaking Highly Recommended.

Speeches for Presenters and Public Speakers

Listening to and reading the speeches of others can give you insight into how they do it.

The White House is a useful resource for speeches and announcements by the US President.

Useful for speechwriters everywhere, this speech analysis looks at one of the most memorable speeches in modern times: I have a Dream.

Inaugural speeches of the US Presidents can be a good read. Here they all are on the one website.

Prime Minister's speeches might be less cheering. But there's some good material with these transcripts from Downing Street.

Training for Presenters and Public Speakers

Customer Service Training & Receptionist Training Hamilton Mercer Training design and deliver customer service training and receptionist training programs to a variety of clients across all sectors.

Great Training Ideas: Useful skills resources and training.

Presentation Skills Courses and Public Speaking Training Effective Speaking, a New Zealand training company specialising in helping you to become a successful speaker.

The English Link - English Language Training, TOEIC and Resources

TESOL-TEFL-Teaching Abroad  American TESOL Institute is Premier Institution of USA and Canada for TESOL, TEFL and ESL online or in class TESOL certification courses. Job placement is guaranteed with certification. contact us: 1-877-748-7900

TOEIC Test Preparation Course Online – Online preparation exercises, advice and practice tests for the TOEIC test by authorized TOEIC test administrators and qualified business English trainers.

Study in England Immerse yourself in British culture and history with a Study in England program.

Professional English Platform – Professional English and Presentations training for second language speakers specifically for management and medical professionals. Meetings take place in a friendly but professional environment.

High School Diploma Online – Obtain your high school diploma online quickly and flexibly. Work at your own pace!

Workplace Training Videos | Safety DVDs–Choose from a huge range of training videos for the workplace. Topics includes occupational health and safety, staff development, sales and customer service.

Marketing and Planning

Strategic marketing consultants
Strategic marketing consulting firm specialising in marketing planning, product launch and strategic business decision making company using special proprietary marketing methods based on academic findings and commercially proven methods.

"Speech is the image of actions"