BEGINNER PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING build your public speaking skills

Beginner public speaking training

Beginner Public Speaking Training

Giving a speech can be a frustrating business. Frustrating for anyone. But when your experience is limited the frustration can be limitless. You want the confidence and expertise to give an effective speech.

Beginner Public Speaking Training Courses

No matter the stage of your career it's never too early to invest in public speaking skills training. You can aim to boost your public speaking confidence and technical skills with beginner public speaking training.

Includes: A one day training session with your own public speaking skills trainer. No more than six participants on a public speaking skills course. A business-oriented training venue in a city centre or easily accessible location.

Includes: Morning tea/ coffee, working lunch, afternoon tea/ coffee, refreshments, full overhead projection facilities, Internet access.

You can call us on +44 (0)1344 859 823 to discuss your public speaking training needs.

Beginner Public Speaking Training

Each beginner course includes:

  • Preparing winning presentations
  • Rehearsing and familiarising techniques
  • Confidence-building steps
  • Audience engagement tips


  • Voice tones and pitch
  • Winning techniques for a persuasive argument
  • Rhetorical techniques
  • And much more…

You won't need to travel far. Beginner public speaking training courses are held at more than 40 public speaking training venues in the UK.

The techniques and tools you provided gave me the framework and confidence to deliver my speech.


To find out how you can build a confident public speaking technique at your nearest PresentPerfectFind out moreTM training centre you can call 01344 859 823 or email training for public speaking training courses.

Beginner Public Speaking: For Confidence

You can acquire the simple techniques used by powerful speakers every day. Here are some of the things you will learn with a PresentPerfectTM beginners public speaking training course:

  1. Learn the art of public speaking.
  2. Present with confidence.
  3. Get your message across.
  4. Engage your audience.
  5. Use presentation media effectively.

It's quite simple. Say what you have to say and when you come to a sentence with a grammatical ending, sit down.

Winston Churchill