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Give Your Presentation Skills a Real Boost

Aim For Success With Your Presentations and Speeches

Better Presentations. Better Speeches

Here at Time to Market, we help people to give better presentations. Better conference speeches.

Be Confident

Time to Market can deliver training courses, face to face and online, coaching sessions and other services to boost your confidence. So that you can aim to be more confident the next time you have to give a presentation or a speech in public.

Aim For Success

We can also help you to get better results. So, we can help you be more successful when you give a presentation or speak at a conference.

Training Courses

for your every training need

Corporate Training: Presentation and Public Speaking Courses


We can organise your own tailored presentation or public speaking training course. Most of all, it's for your team. So it's your choice of training location, your date and we always tailor your training for you.

Training Centre Choice

Choose from more than 40 presentation skills training centres for your corporate training with Time to Market.

Train At Your HQ

Alternatively we can always train your team at your headquarters or regional office. We just need a training or seminar room with sufficient space.

Boost Your Skills

Make presentations a puzzle you can handle. With Time to Market you get new presentation skills and new techniques.

Presentation Software

Learn how to use presentation software, such as PowerPoint to achieve your presentation goals.


Managed services, Basingstoke

The guys all really enjoyed the training also – some of them have already put the training in to good use.

Coaching Sessions

personalised coaching just for you

Presentation Coaching


You can choose a presentation coaching package that's right for you. One to one presentation skills coaching would probably suit you when you want to focus on your core presentation skills, without distractions. Boost your confidence.

Public Speaking Coaching


Do you want the time and space to focus on your own public speaking needs? Because a one to one public speaking skills coaching session is ideal. As a result it's your opportunity to boost your public speaking skills with your own coach.

Presentation Refresher


There are times when you need to get ready for a conference speech or a big presentation. Therefore, this half day of presentation or public speaking coaching will help. We can organise the event at one of our training centres or your office.

Select a Location

Choose a coaching session at your offices...or one of the Time to Market training centres.

Use Multimedia

Make multimedia work with your presentations and speeches.

Presentation Techniques

Get to work with your presentation and public speaking techniques. One to one.

Presentation Software

Make the most of your preferred presentation manager.


Education, Sheffield

The script was a very good idea although I don't think I was as slow as I should be but, I delivered on time!

Training Services

for every occasion

Presentation Review

When you need to give a presentation, a third party PowerPoint presentation review of your presentation can be just the ticket. Because it gives you the chance to hone your presentation.

Speech Rehearsal

Since you want to make your presentation or speech rehearsal task that much easier, you can book a speech rehearsal session with Time to Market. Book either a one or two hour slot.

Presentation Seminar


The Top 20 Presentation Tips is a one hour training seminar. While it's short in length, it's designed to get your team, your co-workers, motivated and inspired to achieve more.

Helping You


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