Pricing: Training Courses and Coaching

Training Packages That Scale For You And Your Organisation


One to one coaching



  • Your choice of venue
  • Choose a date
  • Personal coach
  • Tailored approach
  • A full day of coaching
  • Inclusive refreshments and lunch
  • Full training pack

* Plus VAT.


Training just for your team



  • Your venue
  • Choose a date
  • Group trainer
  • Tailored approach
  • A full day of training
  • Max 10 participants
  • Full training pack

* Plus VAT.

Pricing For Presentation Training and Public Speaking

Your Questions Answered


How soon can I start an online training course?

You can always start an online training course within minutes of registering. You don't need to download anything or access any other site.


Do I need to pay when I book?

Your payment confirms your full access to your online training or video-conference presentation/ rehearsal session.

For coaching and corporate training, we are happy to accept a purchase order (PO) before we offer our service (If your organisation supports purchase orders). Alternatively, we'll send you a payment link prior to your own coaching session.


How soon can we organise a corporate training course?

Let's start talking about dates and course material as soon as possible.


How much are your video conference review/ rehearsal sessions?

You can always choose a web browser video conference session with us. We charge by the hour for these sessions: £75* for one hour or £100* for two hours.

* Includes VAT


Where do I book a video-conference review/ rehearsal session?

Just pick a date and time that's good for you and your conference speech schedule. And then select what you need:

PowerPoint presentation review

Presentation Rehearsal, or

Conference speech rehearsal



When can I organise a video-conference review or rehearsal session?

Perhaps tomorrow? Please check over the dates and you can book a suitable session.


If you have a one to one coaching session or, if you commission a corporate training event and if you participate in all the exercises and feedback your progress during the day, THEN your presentation skills and confidence will be noticeably improved...OR your money back.

We are up front and open with all our training course fees.

Our training course proposal will detail individual fees, VAT applicable and a total amount.

We do not charge out traveling expenses or other costs. Our stated fee is our fee.

All our training clients are treated equally. Each client will have equal training time, focus and attention during a PresentPerfectTM training course.



Managed Services


The guys all really enjoyed the training also – some of them have already put the training in to good use.

Contact Details

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for presentation course or coaching advice.

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01344 859823

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