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PowerPoint Presentation Alternatives Go Mobile

PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint search made quicker and easier

A look at new and useful ways to use PowerPoint alternatives when mobile.

PowerPoint Presenter Coins New Approach to Monmouthshire Budget

A PowerPoint presenter shows a new approach to presenting the Council’s budget in this PowerPoint presentation. It’s a case of more eye contact needed with this one.

Solitary 101 PowerPoint Presentation Unlocks Penal Horror

A solid and powerful PowerPoint presentation example really hits its points. A good example of how to really do it.

PowerPoint 2013 Points to a New Presentation Future

A new and advanced PowerPoint 2013. But how much difference will it make to your presentations?

Death by PowerPoint no Match for Investor Audience in WPP Pay Vote

PowerPoint presentation software

Convert PDF to presentation

A really boring and tedious PowerPoint presentation at a WPP shareholder meeting. Iit doesn’t get any better with more viewings.

Howard Weil Conference PowerPoint Presentation Drains Energy

Here’s another tired and weary PowerPoint presentation that really does the presenter no favours at all.

PowerPoint Presentation Tip no Shortcut for Presenting Success

The how and why of putting hyperlinks in your PowerPoint presentation. It can make your presentations easier to follow. But you’ve got to manage those links well.

Easier Presentations with PDF Document Conversion

A little tip for converting PDF resources into PowerPoint.

Che Guevara presentation

Mercedes-Benz executive, Dieter Zetsche, and his revolutionary presentation

Wheels Come Off Revolutionary Mercedes-Benz Presentation

This presentation serves as a lesson for everyone using good and attractive media images in PowerPoint presentations. Make sure you use the right images in your PowerPoint presentation. It all went horribly wrong with this presentation.

OBR Presentation FTB with TLAs

Using bullet points and jargon in your PowerPoint presentation can be a total distraction for any audience. Here’s an example from the economists who advise the British Government.

PowerPoint Puts Audience to Sleep Says Presentation Survey

A survey sheds some light on the audience experience for a typical PowerPoint presentation. It’s scary, but we know we can do better!

PocketProjector Packs a Presentation Punch

Presenter with PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2013 points to a new presentation future

A small and easily carried projector packs a punch for any presenter.

How You Can Share Your PowerPoint Presentation

How you can share your PowerPoint presentations with colleagues and others when on the move.

World’s Best Presentation 2010

Here’s the world’s best presentation as voted by Slideshare users–from 2010. A really good slideshow.

One Hungry Planet: BASF Presentation Feeds The World

This is an excellent presentation from BASF. It addresses many of the food issues facing us with the population growing bigger and bigger.

Presentation Software Wizard: Able2Extract PDF Converter Spells Success

Here’s an excellent application that’s capable of taking PDF documents and converting them into something useful for your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.