Mahatma Gandhi Presentation Gives Inspiration

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Oct 03

Sometimes it's the simple thing that work best. That's often the case with PowerPoint presentations. And it's certainly the case with a new Mahatma Gandhi presentation that's dedicated to the life, deeds and words of the great Mahatma Gandhi, a founder of modern India.

Mahatma gandhi presentation

Mahatma Gandhi Presentation Gives Inspiration For A Modern Age

The presentation, A life of inspiration, is posted on Slideshare by Shivam Dhawan. It's a markedly simple presentation, which you might expect with Mahatma Gandhi being its inspirational source.

That simplicity runs throughout the set of presentation slides. Shivam has chosen a very simple yet effective graphical style throughout the slides. So, hand-drawn graphics reveal the inspiration behind the man, Mahatma Gandhi. Then these graphics are aligned with Gandhi quotes on each of the main content slides.

"You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results" Mahatma Gandhi

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Simple Approach In Mahatma Gandhi Presentation

His approach to setting out the quotes is equally simple. So, there's white text on a red background. The headers to the quotes are equally attractive, in a handwritten typeface, gold on the red background. Neat and stylish. I'm tempted to use a larger font for some of the quotes, but I sense that doing so might upset the balance between graphics and text.

Because there is a balance. This presentation enjoys the power of white space in addition to solid graphics and interesting text.

It's probably no surprise that Shivam Dhawani is the Chief Strategist at the branding agency, Arbunize. Branding, imagery and style are clearly of the essence where Arbunize is concerned. So, all in all, a good Mahatma Gandhi presentation.

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