No More Rounds for Agent Paige Presentation Legal Case

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Jan 28

It’s taken an appeals court to bring the saga of one of the most disastrous public presentations to a ceasefire.

Back in 2004, Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA) officer Lee Paige was giving a presentation for Florida children on the dangers of guns; a presentation that he’d given dozens of times before. Unfortunately for the DEA officer he managed to accidentally fire his weapon, a Glock 40 pistol. Even more unfortunately he managed to shoot himself. In the leg.

Now the seven year court case had nothing to do with the accidental discharge of a weapon in a public place during his presentation. And it had nothing to do with the officer’s presentation skills. No, Agent Paige brought a case against his employer, the DEA, for their violation of his privacy in circulating videos of the presentation.

His case was thrown out last November and he lost his appeal last week. That’s it, no more rounds. The judges noted that there was nothing private about the presentation and nothing private about Agent Paige shooting himself in the leg. It was a matter of public video record.

There’s no denying the fact that Agent Paige’s presentation was a disaster at the time and subsequently as video footage of the presentation went viral.

But there’s something to be admired with the presenter who can accidentally shoot himself in the leg and then use that fact to explain the dangers of handguns, without whingeing or howling. That’s taking presentation props to an extreme. Agent Paige, we salute you.

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