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Posted in   Presentations   on  February 25, 2014  

Presentation apps are certainly in fashion right now. So when we look over the beta offer of Swipe, there’s no reason we can see that fashion is going to change any time soon.

Presentation apps
Presentation Apps Now Available For Everyone

Presentation apps for everyone might be a bit challenging. But presentation apps for nearly everyone does seem feasible. And why not?

It was only a short time ago that PowerPoint, a market leader, was restricted to business types with the right software licence. No licence, no usage. But, that’s all changed now, of course. And apps like Swipe are in the ascendant. Just because you lack software shouldn’t mean you can’t watch a presentation on your computer or mobile device.

Backed by Passion Capital, the London-based start-up business is still in a public beta testing phase right now. But its app already looks good. It promises a new presentation construction and viewing experience for all concerned. Presentation apps for everyone is a possibility.

Importantly Swipe presentations are built in a responsive design forma. That means that your viewing of a Swipe presentation isn’t compromised by a display format. So whether you want to watch a Swipe presentation on a notebook, an iPad or a mobile device it’s equally good. Everyone can watch a Swipe presentation.

Everyone Can Build a Swipe Presentation

And, importantly, just about anyone can build a Swipe presentation from a variety of devices. All you really need is a browser window to start. And once you are set up, you can drag all sorts of document types into your presentations: Keynote, EPS, PDF, PSD and image files for example.

Presentation apps
Presentation Apps for Everyone

Swipe presentations are equally accommodating of video formats encouraging some slick multimedia presenting opportunities. Rather neatly, you don’t need to input special code to get an embedded video to work in Swipe. All you need to do is add a YouTube or Vimeo URL link and Swipe does the rest.

Want to share a presentation? That’s simple. All you have to do is share the presentation’s Swipe link with an audience. With everyone watching your presentation, a presentation creator can swipe through their slides narrating the whole way. This means that you can sync your viewing experience with everyone else’s. That’s a proper remote viewing experience.

Behind the Swipe application is a set of metrics and analyses that report back on your presentation’s success, views and general performance. Neat.

All in all, Swipe promises much. But if it can bring presentation apps for everyone a step nearer then it’s future’s looking good. Now, what about the monetization?

When you are ready for more presentation tips and delivery advice you can always plan a presentation training course and hone your skills. With more than 40 training centres in the UK you are never that far from your nearest course. So, when the time is right, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Swipe: An Update

Unfortunately after nine years of business the Swipe presentation business is no more.

Bizarrely, it also looks as if the team at Passion Capital is also struggling. Good luck to everyone involved.


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