One Hungry Planet: BASF Presentation Feeds The World

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Jan 31

The food challenge presented by the world’s rising population is the subject of an excellent new PowerPoint presentation. Created by BASF Agri Products, the presentation lauds the productivity and resourcefulness of US farmers…and, no doubt, farmers everywhere.

It’s a skilfully crafted presentation that uses words instead of a voice over track. The words are generally few, well-timed and excellently delivered.

The musical score is strangely hypnotic, reminiscent of a clock ticking or time moving on. It’s a good example of how to use sound with depth and meaning in a presentation.

Production values are incredibly high on the presentation that outlines the challenge we face feeding an ever-growing population. Moving images, flowing graphics and powerful colours all combine to create a visually powerful message.

Crop protection and agricultural productivity are far from everyday concerns to most of us…although they used to be. But the presentation makes absolutely clear that the need to feed us all will become more pressing. Events in Tunisia and Egypt highlight how food prices and food scarcity can play a role in politics. It would be safe to presume more to come.

A good presentation.

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