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Posted in   Presentations   on  February 8, 2012  

There seems to be no end to the series of clever, resourceful applications targeting business presenters. No doubt their developers sense that many business presentations could do with a bit of spice. Some more magic perhaps. Or just a PowerPoint alternative. But, it’s questionable whether these applications will ever meet the targeted need for better presentations. Or whether the presenters themselves will ever rise to the occasion. Will they create the rich content they promise in the press releases. So, the most recent offering comes from Toronto-based Zinc Roe with their Doodlecast presentation application, Doodlecast Pro.

Doodlecast presentation

But the appeal of these apps is obvious. And we can only hope that their potential is realised to the full.

Doodlecast Presentation Origins

Doodlecast Pro has some interesting origins. It’s based on the success of and reaction to Zinc Roe’s Doodlecast for Kids application. It was so good that the designers developed a business-oriented product. But, they kept all the creativity and originality of the original children’s product. So, Doodlecast presentations became possible. Neat.

The iPad app’ can record your voice as you draw. This results in original video content with immediate applications for a business Doodlecast presentation or a training session. You can mash together various content sources. Then you can import, export and upload. All the sorts of clever and innovative things you’d expect of an Apple app. And, it’s priced at $3.99 in the Apple store.

If you have an iPad, then why don’t you give it a try? Here’s to creative Doodlecast presentations.

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