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The Moscow press suggests that Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is packing his football boots and intends to travel to Switzerland for the FIFA executive meeting on 2nd December 2010. The meeting in Zurich is due to finalise the decision on the host for the FIFA 2018 World Cup. It’s a decision that’s likely to involve both Russia and England, among others, at the final stage. So, a Prime Minister Putin presentation seems likely.

Putin presentation
Putin Presentation Puts The Football Boot In

The Vladimir Putin presentation in Guatemala was instrumental in Russia winning the right to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games at the ski resort of Sochi. His buoyant presentation, made when he was still President, was given in English and certainly tipped the balance towards Russia as hosts. And he also used an English speech to secure the 2020 World Expo.

Will A Putin Presentation Seal The Bid?

Vladimir Putin presentation
The PM, Vladimir Putin

At a time when FIFA is investigating other ways of influencing the vote, it’s refreshing to know that a Putin presentation by the Prime Minister still counts for something.

Will David Cameron follow this example? Or, of course, the example of Tony Blair’s involvement in the 2012 London Olympics bid? Perhaps the FIFA committee can look forward to another David Cameron FIFA presentation? Or, maybe not.

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  • Without a final presentation from the Prime Minister, Putin knew that the matter was all wrapped up. It’s not just about the presentation when it comes to securing a FIFA World Cup.

  • The riddle continues. Now we learn that Prime Minister Putin will not attend any presentation in Zurich on account of the unfair machinations of the British
    media exposing various practices of the FIFA executive responsible for the 2018
    world Cup decision.

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