YouTube Presentations Explore Monmouthshire Council’s Budget

Posted in   Presentations   on  February 1, 2011  

Councillor Phil Murphy of Monmouthshire County Council is a brave man. He’s put three videos of him presenting on to YouTube. Brave? Yes, he certainly is. His PowerPoint presentations and his presenting style lack a bit of something. They’re certainly not the most graphically or image rich presentations that we have ever seen. But he deserves credit for wanting to promote his finance strategy for the county council with these YouTube presentations

YouTube Presentations
YouTube Presentations Explain Monmouthshire Council Budget In 2011

In an interview with the Free Press he noted that:

“Every year I hold a budget presentation for members of the public to attend, but traditionally the turnout is quite poor. So I sat down with Helen Reynolds from our communications department to discuss a way in which we could get the information out to a wider audience.”

Financial YouTube Presentations

His PowerPoint presentation style was sedentary at best. He looked seated and he probably was. His presentation featured graphs as you might expect from a financial strategy. But they required more explanation. A slow build technique would allow your audience to follow the points you make, Councillor Murphy.

When the Councillor noted:

“You can see from this graph…”


“This table shows how we propose to meet the gap.”

You know that the exact opposite was true.

YouTube Presentation Presence

He’s clearly not a very comfortable presenter when he’s talking directly to the camera. Each one of his videos ends with Councillor Murphy looking away from camera for reassurance. And in his last video he turns away from the camera and has a bit of a chuckle. Some minor editing from his colleague, Helen Reynolds, would make this a slicker performance.

It’s clear, however, that he knows his subject. There’s a clear interest in his subject and he wants his “story” to reach a wider audience than the County Hall in Cwmbran. He wants feedback and questions on the presentation. And his proposed route is via Twitter and their blog. A very modern way of getting feedback for a quite traditional presentation.

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  • Thank you Helen, Phil continues to raise the bar with his finance presentations. Will others in local government follow his example? I hope so. I’ve taken a look at his new presentations. Very good.

  • Hello! Your feedback on these videos was really helpful and this year we have filmed more videos of Phil presenting his budget proposals. We tried to take your comments into account by filming him actually delivering his presentation to a real audience, he was standing up and explaining the detail of the proposal.

    However, the films are by no means near perfect. We did this without a budget so the only cost was mine and Phil’s time and we had to turn it around as quickly as possible as we’re both very busy on the work front! They’re probably a bit long too, but hopefully people in Monmouthshire will appreciate the chance to get involved with their council in this more accessible way.

    Any tips for next year would be fabulous, thanks again for your input. Here they are

    Love your blog by the way :-)

  • I find your post extra ordinary your presentation of presentation is great….
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  • Great work Mr. Murphy. I like your presentation. It is something which is not so common. People won’t understand it easily. You can not expect mass audience for it. But i like it even i didn’t understand fully.

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