Boeing Presentation Cleared For Market Take-off

By Andrew Ivey

Jul 18

A bullish Boeing presentation by Randy Tinseth on the eve of the Farnborough Air Show 2010 makes compelling forecasts for air travel in the next 20 years.

Boeing presentation

Boeing Presentation At Farnborough Air Show In 2010

The Boeing presentation by the Vice-President of Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes accompanied their annual Current Market Outlook–now in its 46th consecutive year.

High Quality Film Presentation

His presentation combined high quality video filmed at the Boeing plane delivery base in Seattle, a decent sound track and his own auto-cued narrative. It’s a good production that managed to survive his PowerPoint slides that are numerous, detailed and heavy.

In the film, the presenter wasn’t afraid of asking rhetorical questions that he then set about answering. Plus, he used lists to good effect. And his treatment of hefty economic data was also exemplary. not least, because he identified vital data, showed trends and revealed important patterns.

Not So High Quality Boeing PowerPoint Presentation

But the PowerPoint slides themselves are pretty typical of so many corporate presentations. And this Boeing presentation is no exception at all. There’s simply too much information thrust at the Boeing audience. And that information is presented in a bewildering variety of formats. Because there really is so much information that Randy could just have handed over a document to his audience.

Download (PDF, 5.37MB)

But that’s not how these things work. Still, it could be so much better. However, the Boeing PowerPoint presentation was clearly a key commercial presentation. And it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Clearly if you were in the market for aircraft, this type of market trend data would be invaluable. No matter the heavy nature of the PowerPoint slides. There’s no denying that this is a useful Boeing presentation for the aviation industry. Not least as it recovers from the effects of the 2007-2008 financial market meltdown.

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