Brief Castro Speech A New Personal Best

By Andrew Ivey

Aug 13

After some four years of conspicuous absence from the speaking podium, Fidel Castro gave a speech last Saturday. It’s been four years since his mystery intestinal illness forced Cuba’s leader to give up power to his younger brother Raul. So this Fidel Castro speech was a surprise to the assembled lawmakers in Cuba’s Parliament in Havana.

Castro speech

A Brief Fidel Castro Speech Sets A New Personal Best Time Of 11 Minutes

Castro’s speech was something of a personal best. At less than 11 minutes the speech is undoubtedly his shortest in his 49 years of power in Cuba. Perhaps he really is following his own words:

“I have reached the conclusion, a bit late perhaps, that speeches should be short.”

Brief Castro Speech Is A Real Change

Perhaps he no longer has the endurance required for speeches lasting several hours. Those speeches certainly stretched the endurance and stamina of his audiences. So it’s the likes of Hugo Chavez who now has the dubious reputation for long speeches. Or, of course, President Putin who really does need no tuition in how to give a lengthy speech.

Notably his audience in the parliament building included his brother Raul, the new Leader. Could it be that the short Castro speech was another sign of the shift of power? Either way, brief speeches are typically best.

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    That’s what I call useful informations, tweeted right now..

  • Dennis says:

    Castro saying that speeches should be short is almost surreal. But did Hugo Chavez hear that? :)

    Definitely 124 hours speech is great if you want to broke the world record for the longest speech. But if you’re trying to communicate something it’s always better to keep it short and simple.

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