It’s only been three weeks since former Vice President Dick Cheney underwent a heart transplant but he still managed to speak at the Wyoming state Republican convention at the weekend. He looked neither hale nor hearty. And he didn’t have the rounded look that we recall from his last stint in office. Yet, he managed to walk onstage unaided. And we noted this Cheney convention speech lasted the best part of an hour.

Cheney convention speech
Dick Cheney Convention Speech In Wyoming

It’s true that his convention speech to his audience at the Little America Hotel and Resort in Cheyenne, Wyoming was delivered from the comparative comfort of an armchair. And he was accompanied by his daughter, Liz Cheney, who asked questions and moved the conversation along.

In the circumstances that’s probably to be expected…new heart and all.

The words in this Cheney conventions speech were certainly appreciated by the party faithful in a state with some of the highest Republican voter registrations in the union. Though you’d have to wonder whether there’s some desperation in depending on a keynote speaker straight from heart surgery.

But as Vice President Cheney said:

Hard work never killed anybody

We can all take heart from that.

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  • Wow, that’s very inspirational message from Cheney. A new heart, will this means a more vigorous Cheney in the making?I hope so. Thanks for sharing this blog. Keep it up! Definitely, Hard work never killed anybody.

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