Jeremy Corbyn Campaign Speech Has Trumpian Echoes

By Andrew Ivey

Nov 01

A Jeremy Corbyn campaign speech in Battersea has started the Labour Party 2019 election campaign. As a launch it wasn't greatly different to earlier launches. Since there's still the sense of a local Council meeting as everyone seems to congregate on the stage. But that wasn't the highlight of this event or indeed Jeremy's speech.

Corbyn campaign speech

Jeremy Corbyn Campaign Speech Starts Election 2019

Because the highlight had to be the wave of chanting that swept through the room as Jeremy Corbyn said,

We will stop them. Labour won’t let Donald Trump get his hands on our National Health Service. It’s not for sale, to him or anyone.

After a brief pause the refrain started,

Not for sale, not for sale, not for sale

Corbyn Campaign Speech Invites Audience Feedback

Superb reaction. And what was Jeremy's reaction? Sheepish, embarrassed, awkward? You can take your pick. But he clearly wasn't expecting the chant to sweep through the room. However, I really believe that he rather liked it. And why not?

Since if you want audience feedback with your campaign speech, then what could be better?

Of course in the United States they are already masters at this element of audience feedback. Indeed President Trump rallies are in the vanguard. How ironic then that the chants at this Jeremy Corbyn campaign speech concerned Donald Trump

Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up

Now can we expect more campaigning elements to sweep across from the USA? Who knows, but we suspect that many of their tactics are already here and well-established. Still, we can wait and see.

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