Biden Speech As History Is Made

The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act 2010

By Andrew Ivey

Mar 26

This Vice-President Joe Biden speech was all about introducing the President on Tuesday at the White House. So, in a glowing speech to an enthusiastic audience the Vice-President used the phrase, “History is Made,” six times to introduce Barack Obama.

Joe Biden speech

Joe Biden Speech Introduces The President

The occasion was the symbolic signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a historic piece of legislation that expands health insurance coverage to millions of Americans.

When you have to introduce a speaker, you might well suffer from public speaking anxiety. Not so, Vice-President Joe Biden. Because this short Biden speech was a superb, fitting introduction.

Joe Biden Speech Gets Things Going

So, his speech made good use of classical rhetorical devices, not least repetition. But his classical allusions went further. Drawing on the poet, Virgil, he noted:

“The greatest wealth is health: Today America becomes a whole lot wealthier.”

His four minute introduction steered clear of sycophancy but made the point. Because it’s a historic moment for America and Americans.

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