Legoland Florida Presentation: Countdown To Opening

By Andrew Ivey

Nov 08

In this Legoland Florida presentation a slightly hesitant (“please correct me if I’m wrong” and “believe it or not“) Adrian Jones of Legoland Florida introduced the new theme park. It is, of course, planned for the old Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven, site in October 2011.

Legoland Florida Presentation

Legoland Florida Presentation Starts The Countdown To Launch

As he unveiled the world’s largest Legoland, the fifth such park to be built, the General Manager of Legoland Florida set out three objectives for his presentation, based on questions he had been asked:

  1. How is the park going to look?
  2. When do you open?
  3. What are the ticket prices and when can we buy the tickets?

This was a good structure to follow. Because you really do want to present with purpose. And, of course he then followed that structure throughout the multimedia presentation. And the presentation? It was well-constructed, colourful and noisy…just like a Legoland park should be.

Delivery Lacking In This Legoland Florida Presentation

Regrettably his presentation delivery wasn’t quite up to the quality of his multimedia props. Ums and errs detracted from his delivery as did his habit of glancing at the screen over his shoulder for some sort of confirmation. Because that’s not a good sign in any PowerPoint presenter.

Apart from the “mood boards”, the presentation was remarkably free of corporate jargon. But he had to work hard. There was a hint of “demographic” when he said:

“…this is for the slightly older dem… child.”

His presentation included a reference to a “full day experience“, “quality time“, “the core proposition” and “we target families with children of 2 to 12.” But that was about it for the management speak. In a 20 minute presentation that’s good!

His linkage to the legacy of the old Cypress Gardens theme park was not convincing. That was a pity since the recently closed Cypress Gardens had been a feature of the Florida landscape since 1936. There aren’t many visitor attractions that can boast such longevity. The legacy of Cypress Gardens was missed in this presentation.

This was an informative if not a thrilling Legoland Florida presentation for Mr Jones’ audience. No doubt the thrills will be more in evidence when the park actually opens next year.

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