Final Livestrong Speech From Lance Armstrong

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Oct 25

It’s fair to say that Lance Armstrong’s had a better run of weeks than the last few. This was a point he made in his speech this week when he quit as the Chairman of the Livestrong Foundation.

In the speech he also pointed out that he’s also had worse times than right now. A clear and obvious reference to the time when he was a cancer patient.

That experience led him and friends to form the Livestrong Foundation to raise funds for cancer research and patient recovery.

His dignified speech made clear that despite his standing down from the Foundation, the work will continue with more fundraising activities planned.

This wasn’t a bitter speech, nor was it very humble. The pained looks on the faces of those Foundation colleagues standing on the podium with him are telling. Most look like they’d rather be somewhere else. Understandable.

Speaking without notes or a script Lance Armstrong kept a measured pace and keen tone throughout his five minute speech. Mixing story telling, facts and figures and quotations his speech received applause, but not rapturous applause.

He’s probably made one of his last public speeches. Public speaking appearances will become less frequent. Courtroom appearances will become common.

The speeches are over but it’s unlikely to get any more comfortable for Lance Armstrong.


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