Ed Miliband Mental Health Speech Echoes One Nation Healthcare

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Nov 01
Mental health speech delivered by Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband’s mental health speech echoed his one nation conference speech

In a speech on mental health at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Labour party leader Ed Miliband spoke lengthily about the threats of ignoring mental health issues.

In the speech that took some 30 minutes or so to deliver Mr Miliband echoed his One Nation theme that characterised his speech at the Labour party conference in Manchester last month.

His speech picked on the One Nation theme consistently as he outlined and elaborated on the subject of mental health and mental well-being.

He’s fond of listing together disparate sentences. It’s very much his style now:

One that writes people off in just that way.


North and south.

Rich and poor.

Old and young.

Those who work and those who can’t.

Disabled and non-disabled people.

A problem that can strike anyone.

It blights millions of lives.

And undermines the welfare of our nation.

And it is also a challenge that affects our competitiveness as a country.

His speech took the opportunity to explain more about mental health issues with a set of stories. These allowed his audience to get closer to the subject in a more personal and less ambiguous fashion:

Just last Friday, I was at the Depot Community Drugs Project in a town called Mexborough, which does a brilliant job helping with drugs treatment and education, training and rehabilitation.

A man probably in his late forties happened to walk in and told me his story…

These worked well.

Mr Miliband took issue with earlier remarks and notes made by the commentators Jeremy Clarkson and Janet Street-Porter. And he appeared to be intolerant of intolerance when he noted:

So we should join the fight against this intolerance.

Clearly he’s unlikely to be a keen supporter of the Repeal section 5 of the Public Order Act Movement or the speeches of Rowan Atkinson.

The One nation theme will re-appear in other Miliband speeches between now and the next General Election. A question might be whether other shadow cabinet colleagues adopt the same theme for their speeches. If they do then it’ll suggest that the theme has some political resonance beyond simple oratory.

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