Your Presenter Santa List 2019

A Presentation Christmas List This Year

By Andrew Ivey

Dec 12

You might have already prepared your own personal Christmas list this year. That's great. But, if you haven't done so yet, then we hope this Presenter Santa List might help out. That's because we've put together some of the best bits of kit, equipment and presentation aids for the modern presenter and public speaker.

Presenter santa list

Your Presenter Santa List This Christmas

So, if you have a presentation or a conference speech planned for the New Year, here's a Presenter Santa List that should help you present with confidence. You might remember that we featured the wireless presenter a few years ago. But it remains a key ingredient for success, so we've listed it again!

Presenter santa list


Your list of desirable presents from Father Christmas this year isn't over-long. Nor is it too hard on the budget. But there's something here for everyone's Santa.

  • How about a hardcover edition of "Your Voice Speaks Volumes" by Jane Setter. It's a really good read and a book that we referred to when we discussed speech accent research.
  • The Logitech R700 Wireless Pointer. This general purpose pointer is an invaluable item for any presenter. There are other pointers in the Logitech range with greater or lower sophistication. But, this is a favourite. Oh, and don't forget some spare batteries!
  • A Canva subscription should prove invaluable next year for your presentations. They have some exciting looking PowerPoint templates and lots of other good material to keep you occupied.
  • Rosemary. Yes, that's right we've noted before how rosemary can improve your memory or recollection. So why not ask for something with Rosemary extract...or, better still ask for a pot plant!
  • Cough sweets. Yes, when the Chancellor came to the rescue of the Prime Minister during her 2017 conference speech, it was cough sweets that he had to offer. You should aim to look after your voice when you have a conference speech to give. So it's always best to be prepared. Sometimes the simple things are best.

Your presenter Santa list doesn't aim to be over the top with a series of costly gadgets at this time of year. Because it's really your efforts that are going to produce a great presentation or conference speech. But these little items, perhaps in a Christmas stocking, should prove especially useful.

Happy Christmas


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