Prince Charles Food Speech Tastes Delicious

Charles Food Speech Scoops Publishing Deal

By Andrew Ivey

Feb 15

A Prince Charles Food speech at Georgetown University has scooped a publishing deal. Little did we know that a speech by Prince Charles at the Future of Food conference last year would scoop a publishing deal this year, 2012.

Prince Charles Food Speech

Prince Charles Food Speech Secures Publishing Deal

The Prince Charles speech at Georgetown University in May last year was the keynote speech of  a conference dedicated to finding answers to the problems of global food production. The Prince is interested because these are problems exacerbated by population growth, fears for peak oil and climate change. His interests.

His audience received this well-written speech very enthusiastically at the time. So it’s no real surprise that a publishing giant has snapped up the rights to publish the Prince’s food speech in a paperback format.

Prince Charles Food Speech Now On The Menu

Rodale Books has secured the deal with a plan that involves the speech being printed in a 64-page paperback format selling for $6.99. There’s also a plan to have the Prince Charles food speech available in an e-book format at a later date. We expect that to be equally important.

The prolific author and farmer Wendell Berry will provide a foreword. And then other notables will add further comments to the book. Beyond the Prince’s food speech, a website dedicated to the future of food will also help to promote the cause. So, a very good result for the Prince.

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