Joe Biden Speech Nearly Bites the Dust

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Jul 01

Q. What’s the similarity between the role of Vice-President of the USA and an effective public speaker?

A. Both have to take effective leadership in case of incapacity to those nearest them. The Vice-President, Joe Biden, found this out during the week in an economics speech in Kentucky. In case of emergency, medical or otherwise, everyone looks to the speaker to take leadership, whether he’s the Vice-President or not.

But this was no pretzel-chomping, choking scare for the Vice-President.

When one of the event organisers, Jim Campbell the CEO of the GE Appliance Division, unceremoniously toppled from his chair there was a cry from the GE factory audience in Louisville.

Amidst the hubbub the Vice-President quickly assessed the situation, noted the possibilities and called for a doctor.

At one stage he clearly thought the worst:

“That’s a sad note to end this on.”

But, calm and assured he asked for a doctor again as his Secret Service people righted the fallen CEO and walked him from the clearly hot premises.

Completing the medical emergency interlude, the Vice-President noted:

“Keep the faith.”

Agreed, but Joe obviously thought the worst at one moment, as perhaps did his immediate predecessor, Dick Cheney during the pretzel choking incident in the White House.


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