Kim Jong-un Speech Gives Little Comfort To International Audience

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Apr 16

His father had the rather dubious reputation of being speechless. He never gave a speech in public. He was, effectively a speechless dictator. But Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s new dictator and son of Kim Jong-il, has given his first public speech after only a few months in charge. And what are we make of this first Kim Jong-un speech?

Kim Jong-un speech

Kim Jong-un Speech Is His First As Supreme Leader

His speech, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of his grandfather and North Korea’s founder, Kim Il-sung, was noteworthy for all the wrong reasons.

If anyone had expected a change of course for the regime they were mistaken. His speech laid out the regime’s priorities in no uncertain terms.

Their “first, second and third” priorities were militarization!

Indeed, for it was only last week that one of the country’s missile launches proved an abject failure.

A Scripted Kim Jong-un Speech

He gave his first public speech reading from a prepared script, occasionally looking up at his vast Pyongyang audience.

Short of stature he was also short of mannerisms. And, he only gave a victory salute to his audience when he reached the conclusion to his speech:

Let’s go on for our final victory!

Many in his audience remarked on the similarities between the new leader and his grandfather who had a reputation as a communicator. But, if the comparison is genuine then Kim Jong-un is a departure from his speechless father, but his public speaking remains work in progress.

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