Wedding Day Speech Nerves For Russell Brand

By Andrew Ivey

Oct 11

Russell Brand, one of Britain’s funniest and most audacious comedians, has admitted to worries over his wedding day speech. The comedian, who is due to marry singer Katy Perry, admitted his wedding day speech nerves in an interview at the weekend.

Wedding day speech nerves

Wedding Day Speech Nerves For Russell Brand

As if that wasn’t enough, Brand was also recently named the world’s worst-dressed man in showbiz. Because an online poll by saw Brand receiving some 31% of the vote. So, that’s some accolade.

What’s Behind These Wedding Day Speech Nerves?

The source of the wedding day speech nerves problem seems to be the Perry family. Since, Katy Perry’s father is a Christian minister. So, in all likelihood, he’s adept and well-versed in public speaking. Therefore he says the right thing and keeps on message. Now, who doesn’t that remind you of?

And the problem? Well, Russell Brand is a fluent comedian with a knack for definitely saying the wrong thing. At the wrong time, which makes him very funny…and calamitous at times.

This wedding day speech could be a total hoot…or it could all go very pear-shaped. No doubt he can free up some time in his current book signing tour for some public speaking practice.

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