Speech Signals Workers Party Victory for Low Thia Khiang

By Andrew Ivey

May 08

Singapore Workers’ Party Leader Low Thia Khiang emerged victorious from the 2011 General Election and gave a workers victory speech to his many followers following his Singapore 2011 constituency victory.

Workers victory speech

Workers Victory Speech By Low Thia Khiang In Singapore

In chaotic, boisterous and good-natured scenes the Workers’ Party Leader gave a victory speech that marked this achievement. At stake, of course, had been the Aljunied Group Representation Constituency in the North-East of Singapore. And the significance? Well, it’s the first Group Representation Constituency that any opposition party has won. So, this buoyant victory speech made that very clear.

You have made history tonight. This is a political landmark in modern Singapore. Your courage has been a real breakthrough for future generations.

Workers Victory Speech Uproar

Over the uproar of his supporters this workers victory speech contained some excellent use of repetition, that went largely unnoticed in the din:

Your votes tell us that the Government that you want is a home, not just a house.

Your votes tell the world that Singapore is not just an economic success to you. Singapore is our home.

Your votes tell us that you want Singapore to grow and develop as a nation.

Your votes tell the world that you want Singapore to mature as a democracy, that you want to tell the Government that you want a more responsive, inclusive, transparent, accountable government.

Victory Speech Finishes

His conclusion, however, veered towards the hackneyed expressions of a reality television contestant:

Singapore is taking a step forward on a journey. Let us walk this journey together towards a First World Parliament.

That wasn’t very pretty at all! And to cap it all, his supporters then started to chant, UK football style. A good-natured but unattractive finale to his landmark victory speech.

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