Clegg Energy Speech Takes Gold for Superlatives

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Aug 10
Nick Clegg speech

Nick Clegg’s Energy speech

Nick Clegg’s speech at a renewable energy conference this week coincided neatly with government’s need to promote a business agenda during the Olympics.

His speech referenced the London 2012 Olympics but only in passing.

This speech was more of a rallying cry for his party’s green credentials; credentials that might just be compromised by coalition politics.

But his speech managed some oblique references to London 2012.

Superlatives abounded. Not higher, further and faster. But more down to earth. Less Olympian.

I hope today reminds you of the value It is a very real aim,  driven by very real economic needs Government places on your businesses and your ambitions. Together we find ourselves at the vanguard of one of the most dynamic, most  innovative, most important industries of our time. An industry that  will help us build a more stable, more sustainable, more prosperous world.

Yes, the speech was political. It promised lots and presented a glossy view without any real costs. Not surprising really.

But the speech also had one or two public speaking gems from the world of politics:

It is a very real aim, driven by very real economic needs.

Oh yes. Aims, real aims and very real aims. Needs, real needs and very real needs. I hadn’t heard these in a speech for some time. Thank you for the memory.

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