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George Clooney became the fourth recipient of the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the 2010 Emmys last weekend. This Clooney speech was lucid, well-prepared and expertly delivered. He knew that his time on the podium was limited. But he didn’t rush. He paused for effect and it worked. Because George is a speaker who knows how to use pauses in his speech.

Clooney Speech
A George Clooney Speech As He Is Awarded The Bob Hope Humanitarian Award

George Clooney Speech Is All Smiles

He managed to mix humour in his speech with due seriousness for the humanitarian causes he supports. And that can be quite a trick to get right. Since humanitarian causes are not exactly a laughing matter.

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But he clearly did it well, mixing self-deprecating humour and subtle pokes at unnamed celebrities. And his recollections of both Rosemary Clooney and Bob Hope were especially well-delivered.

And, what of his message for the gathered celebrities at the Nokia theatre in downtown Los Angeles?

Don’t forget the disaster appeal once it’s no longer on the tv screen. Keep on giving. That’s a sound message. And it’s particularly sound as news of the recent disaster in Pakistan begins to recede from the rolling news. We can only expect more good things I suspect.

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