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An eight-year-old Minnesotan boy seized the moment with a crime speech to his local City Council meeting this week. Young Logan Fisher’s family had the misfortune to be victims of crime when their family home was burgled—losing thousands of dollars worth of possessions; possessions that included young Logan’s saved pocket money.

Youngster's crime speech
Youngster’s Crime Speech Leads To Crime Crackdown In Minnesota

Ever resourceful, and showing the ingenuity of someone much older, Logan wrote out his crime speech in pencil. Then, he asked his Mum to type it out for him. So, he was ready for the meeting.

Rhetorical Technique To Tackle Crime

The best line from his speech at the Brooklyn Park Council meeting?

“We need to get mean and we need to mean it.”

A great line, showing a mastery of the phrase reversal rhetorical technique. Superb.

His speech went down well with the Council and the Police Department who concurred with the spirit of the speech.

They did note, however, that his idea for a crime deterrent…an armoured car on the streets…was not so practical as stepping up police patrols and neighbourhood watch. Somehow, don’t adults always wreck the best plans!

We’ve come across some interesting crime speeches before, such as this arresting presentation. But this crime speech has to be one of our favourites.

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