iPad Cue For Mayor Bloomberg Speech

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Jun 04
Mayor Bloomberg uses an iPad to give a speech

Mayor Bloomberg's iPad Speech Cue (photo: Hermann For News)

Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, has proved again that he’s no slouch when it comes to technology. One of the richest men in the United States he made his money selling information display systems. And his current display system of choice? An iPad.

He’s using an iPad to help him organise his office, his schedule and no doubt his life. And, importantly, he’s using the iPad to help him with his speeches.

Using a back lit iPad has its advantages in a darkened auditorium. And it’s apparently not much different to using an autocue; a device with which the Mayor should be familiar.

The big question remains, however. Is the iPad still cool now it’s been spotted as a speaker aid?


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