Only a Peep as Mitchell Gives Best Man Speech Advice

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Oct 30
David Mitchell's advice for wedding speech

David Mitchell has some good advice for Robert Webb’s best man’s speech.

There’s always someone, somewhere who’s struggling with their best man speech for a friend’s wedding day.

It’s an arduous task when it’s not tackled in either the right spirit or with the right preparation. And it’s a task that can, and does go wrong. Sometimes spectacularly wrong.

So it’s refreshing to hear some words of advice from one of Britain’s finest comics, David Mitchell. The speech advice was aimed at his best man, Robert Webb.

Robert and David shot to comic fame in Britain with The Peep Show. Their comic pairing also extends to a long standing personal friendship. David was Robert’s best man at his wedding in 2007 and Robert Webb will be David’s best man when he marries Victoria Coren in November.

When David was pushed on whether he had any advice to pass on to Robert, he simply noted:

I’d much rather he didn’t offend anyone than worry too much about being funny.

That’s good advice for anyone preparing their best man’s speech. Doubtless there will be an expectation for Robert Webb to inject some humour into his speech…that shouldn’t be a hard task for a comic writer. But for anyone else planning their best man’s speech it’s not an essential component.


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