No More EU Speeches

Posted in   Speeches   on  January 31, 2020  

We can all agree that the Brexit situation does seem to have gone on for ever. I mean it's three and a half years since the European Union 2016 Referendum. Yet, the debate is far older. Certainly we've noted and analysed the speeches for ten years. But, in contrast, characters such as Nigel Farage have dedicated over 20 years to getting Brexit done. Remarkable. That really is dedication. Still, now it's all over with no more EU speeches for us to assess.

No more EU speeches

No More EU Speeches As The UK Prepares To Leave The European Union

And what a ten years it's been. We've captured speeches from most, if not all the leading players of the EU. Many of those speeches were certainly pretty tedious, characterised by their length and their jargon. Of course there were some exceptions to the rule, and many of the Nigel Farage speeches in the European Union Parliament proved exceptions to the standard fare.

No More Speeches From Former Players

Most of the key players have also changed over the years. Nigel Farage and Guy Verhofstadt are both exceptions. Certainly we've seen an enormous turnover in Liberal Democrat party leaders over the years. We really can't keep up with their leadership challenge speeches.

There is of course some continuity with these speeches. Themes of economic chaos contrast with economic stability in many of the speeches from national and financial leaders. Then we have also heard plenty of leadership speeches, technical briefings and the occasional reconciliation speech. And we survived. But only just.

There's no doubt that most of these EU speeches have proved instructive. Their length, their brevity, and their use of metaphor have always provided good lessons for public speakers and speechwriters alike. However, all good things must come to an end. So, it's adieu and au revoir.

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