Obama: I’ll Never Stop Fighting

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Jan 25
Barack Obama Speech

Barack Obama Speaking

A hard-hitting speech from the President in Elyria, Ohio signaled the fighting spirit of the Administration after the loss of the Democrat Senate seat in Massachusetts last week. A classic town hall speech at the Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio gave the President a perfect platform for some impressive rhetorical flourishes.

In a captivating speech his most memorable section was a multi-part position taker. Here the President noted the comments about health care reform and Massachusetts before explaining that the focus wasn’t him…but you, the audience. This then allowed the President to present a range of issues in terms of his audience…and allowed him to repeat the aphorism…”I’ll never stop fighting.” And repeat it he did. Eight times in this format and several times in other word sequences.

Altogether, the repetition made for audience impact; noting the President’s support for his grass roots voters and their central position in the political arguments. Well-worked stuff, indeed.

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