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By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Mar 06
Speech brings forward NFL season

NFL season avoids Obama speech

Only last year President Obama gave a speech to Congress a full hour before prime time television thus avoiding a clash with the opening match of the National Football League: the Green Bay Packers versus the New Orleans Saints.

This year it’s different.

The NFL has moved the opening match of the 2012/ 2013 season to Wednesday September 5th. It’s closer to the Labor Day weekend, but it’s not the prestigious Thursday slot that was first planned.

Their logic? The NFL doesn’t want the New York Giants match to clash with the Democrat National Convention, and particularly the planned nomination acceptance speech of Barack Obama on Thursday 6th September. Audience numbers are everything for politicians, sports organisers and the advertisers, so this arrangement seems to make sense.

Bizarrely Barack Obama will give his speech at the NFL Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. I sense an arrangement.

There are precedents of course. In 2008 John McCain waited until the end of the Giants match against the Washington Redskins to give his acceptance speech at the Republican conclave in St. Paul. On that occasion it was sport first and politics second.


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