Professor Lustig Speech Gets to the Bottom of Obesity Epidemic

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

May 09

Professor Lustig’s latest speech, Sugar: The Bitter Truth, is proving to be an enormous hit with everyone who’s hungry for knowledge about nutrition and health.

In this entertaining and riveting speech the Professor of Pediatrics at the University College of San Francisco debunks many of the myths and legends attached to the current obesity epidemic in the USA, and indeed across the world.

His public speaking style is casual yet informed. Friendly yet educated. His speech includes statistics, figures and data designed to get to the rump of the obesity epidemic.

He fires quick questions to his audience. And they are expected to answer them…sometimes he even prompts them to give the wrong answers. Which they do.

And that’s the flavour of this speech. The speaker throws up a myth or a legend about obesity and diet. And then he pops the bubble.

What’s at stake is his theory that fructose (sugar) is a poison! And that’s the main menu for this speech…ensure that the audience understand that fructose (sugar) is a poison. It’s heavy stuff.

But his reasoning, logic and examples make the whole evidence totally clear.

He uses graphs, pie charts and tables with ease. Health outcomes are neatly tied in with economics, pricing and all sorts of consumer eating behaviour.

This is a great speech that confirms just about every fear you might have about the food you eat. It’s not such a visual feast as Jamie Oliver’s TED speech, but it’s jam-packed with data and interpretation.

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