Sarah Palin: A Hand to Mouth Existence?

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Feb 10
Sarah Palin: Candidate?

Sarah Palin speaks at the Tea Party Convention

Former Alaska Governor and Republican Vice-President Candidate Sarah Palin caught our attention this week. The occasion? The National Tea Party Convention in Nashville. This low-tax and minimum-State lobbying organisation hired Sarah Palin for its key-note speaker…at some considerable expense.

Yes, many of the Tea Party members balked at the price of tickets to attend the occasion. But they received the publicity that they would not othersise have got from the world’s media. Quite a coup.

Sarah Palin’s speech was marked by two items. The first was her use of scribbled notes on her own hand…much like a builder taking down key measurements without paper to hand. Well, that was the state of her manicured hand: inky.

The notes in question?


“Tax Cuts”

“Lift American Spirits”

There was another, “Budget Cuts,” but its place was taken by “Tax Cuts.”

It’s somewhat heartening to find that someone who aspires to the greatest office of state still depends on such a simple prompting device. Or was it, perhaps, part of her manicured blue-collar image?

That thought arose during the question and answer (Q&A) session that followed her speech. Someone in the crowd asked Sarah Palin for her view on the top three things a Republican majority in Congress would focus on. The answer:

“Energy, Tax Cuts and Lift Americans Spirits.” Well fancy that.

A planted question for a well-prepared speaker.

Yes, Please

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