It's Your Choice As A Presenter

Your choice of presentation topics is typically forced by circumstances. Because often they are beyond your control.

If you are asked to give a PowerPoint presentation at an interview you can typically expect to be given a presentation topic by your interviewer. Don’t worry, you typically get a bit of notice when you have to give an interview presentation.

At work your presentation topic will be task, project or customer-related. Are you selling something to clients? Or, are you persuading your managers of something?

Perhaps you want to persuade others to back a venture? Or perhaps you want to appeal for more effort from your team?

Because whatever your choice of presentation topic you have to distill it to something that you can manage. So that’s something you can manage in the time available for your presentation.

Presentation topics

Your Choice of Presentation Topics

What To Do With Your Presentation Topics

There are three main things to do with your presentation:

  1. Set a purpose for your presentation.
  2. Determine some objectives that you can achieve in your presentation.
  3. Create a title for your presentation. Not least, this will help to keep you on track, on target. And it also gives a good clue for your audience. Don’t forget that you can discover more about a presentation title with our other presentation tips.

With your purpose, then consider what it is you want to do. What is it you want your audience to know at the end of your presentation? Or, perhaps what is it you want your audience to do once your presentation is finished? So, you really have to know, why give a speech or, why give a presentation.

Your objectives are, of course, more discrete. For example, you could aim to set out all the options for your team to consider. Maybe, you could aim to demonstrate a new technique. Just make sure that your objectives fit neatly with your overall purpose.

A presentation topic that’s too wide will only frustrate your audience. So, you won’t do it justice. And you won’t meet their needs. So, aim to be broad in your selection of a presentation topic. But then aim to be very discerning with your presentation title and your material.

      Presentation Topics

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