Sort The Right Materials For Your Next Presentation

Your presentation material planning is an effective first step to getting your presentations just right. That’s because your choices will help you to engage with your audience.

So it makes sense to think about your presentation material, particularly if you want to vie for the title of world’s best presentation! When you use the right material it will help you to convey your message as you present. Because your audience will respond to good material. That’s a fact. So, you have some choices and some decisions ahead.

Your Presentation Material Planning Decisions

However, those choices aren’t that tricky. Just remember that you can consider:

  • PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slides
  • Videos and multimedia
  • Whiteboard or flip chart diagrams
  • Props
  • Handouts

Presentation material planning

Tips To Help You With Your Presentation Material Planning

So you have a range of options. Plus you have a range of choices to make. However, it’s not a bewildering choice, since you can use many of these materials together. Because that’s their beauty…


Your PowerPoint presentation slides might be the very first thing you work on. Just remember to keep things simple. So, you could consider these presentation design choices to help you.


Videos and Multimedia work really well in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. However, do make sure that the quality is top drawer. And also check the media applications are loaded before you actually start the presentation. Then you are ready.

Sort Your Materials And Engage With Your Audience


Whiteboards and flip-charts might seem old-fashioned. Don’t believe it. So, use them. Then inject some passion into your presentation material and watch the results. Just amazing.


Props are a key presentation aid. So, think hard how you can use them when you have to present. Because they can be very useful when you want to explain something or get your audience involved.


Keep your handouts to the end of your presentation. Thus, you aim for your audience to be a watching and listening audience and not a reading audience. Don’t print your slides, if you have used them. So, aim to prepare something else. Perhaps, a one-page summary of your presentation would be enough.

How You Can Plan Your Presentation Materials

Some easy pointers showing you how to plan your presentation materials.

  • Use simple PowerPoint slides.
  • Aim to use top quality multimedia in your slides.
  • Whiteboards and flip charts work every time so be confident with them.
  • Use props to help you demonstrate products or features.
  • Keep your handouts to the end of your presentation.

      Presentation Material

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“PowerPoint presents minimal evidence with maximum clutter, probably the worst signal/ noise ratio of any known method of communication.”

Edward Tufte

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