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Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

There are many speakers who suffer from pre-event jitters, nerves or doubts about their speech. In some cases a speaker might suffer from panic attacks before their speech. This is rare, but it does happen to some speakers unfortunately. However, you can do something about your fears. So, whatever the scenario here are some pointers to help you as you aim to tackle your fear of public speaking.

Therefore here are pointers before you get going with your speech.

  1. Be prepared and rehearsed
  2. Look at the audience
  3. Meet your audience before you speak
  4. Breathe slowly
  5. Be positive about yourself and your speech

conquer your fear

Conquer your Fear

With some good solid practice and preparation before your speech you can aim to get your public speaking fears under control. Then, aim to meet your audience before your speech. Yes, it really does help. So aim to conquer your fear of public speaking today.

“According to a variety of opinions, humanity’s Number One fear is public speaking. The Number Two is dying. Does that sound accurate? That means to the typical person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off showing up dead than delivering the eulogy.”

John Steinbeck

Yes, Please

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