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How To Use Multimedia In Your PowerPoint Presentation

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Questions To Ask Before Your Presentation

Knowing how to use multimedia in your PowerPoint presentations is key when you are getting ready for your next presentation at work. That’s because you want to engage your audience to achieve the best possible effect with your presentation.

Therefore here are some pointers for you to consider when you use PowerPoint.

  1. Visuals build understanding in your audience
  2. Avoid bullet points
  3. Use a theme for your slides
  4. Aim to use large images
  5. Have powerful colours in your colour palette
  6. Keep your slides simple
  7. Minimise the text on your slides
  8. Be wary of PowerPoint transitions
  9. Use charts and graphs to help explain your information
  10. Be consistent with your choice of fonts and typefaces
  11. Get organised with your PowerPoint material
  12. Video and audio files resonate with your audience

Multimedia in your PowerPoint presentation

Use Multimedia In Your PowerPoint Presentation

It’s essential that your multimedia works to plan when you give a PowerPoint presentation. So to get that to happen you’ll want to prepare fully and practise each element. Aim to keep things simple and uncluttered. So that your audience doesn’t become confused with all your material. Above all, be consistent and use your multimedia with purpose.

“PowerPoint presentations are a new form of anaesthesia and torture. They were even used at the Abu Ghraib Prison.”

Anonymous U.S. military officer.”