Presentation Course In Manchester

By Andrew Ivey

Jan 09

A one-day presentation course in Manchester. On this course you will acquire the skills you need for all your business or professional presentations. So you can expect to give better presentations.

Presentation course in Manchester

You will learn to understand the essentials of giving a good presentation, to members of your team, customers or clients. As a result, you will boost your confidence as you develop your presentation skills.

The course is highly interactive. So, you will practise each learning point as you progress throughout the day. Your presentation training in Manchester starts at 0900 and finishes at 1700. So, it's a full day involving a series of exercises and presentation expertise.

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Presentation Course In Manchester 9 January 2018

A PresentPerfectTM presentation skills training course is designed for professionals, managers, sales executives, team leaders and job interview candidates. Because most of our training course participants have some presenting experience, it's fair to say that others are new to the whole experience of presentations.

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We aim to ensure that beginner trainees stick together. So those course participants with less experience attend our training courses with other less experienced participants. As a result, this makes for a more effective learning experience in the training room. Therefore the course is ideal if you want to:

  • Maximise your presentation opportunities
  • Give confident presentations
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Boost your industry profile
  • Plan and prepare better presentations

Without self-confidence and presenting skills you won’t step up to the conference podium. You won’t give your presentation. But from experience we know that presentation confidence and skills can be learned. Because that’s what we teach. So, it’s what you will learn on the PresentPerfectTM public presentation training course.

Get more out of your presentations when you join this course in Manchester.

General bookings close on December 22 2017.

Early bird bookings close on December 3 2017.

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I'm the Principal Trainer at Oxford-based presentation skills course provider Time to Market, where I give presentation courses and public speaking sessions at venues across the country.