Public Speaking Training In Newcastle

By Andrew Ivey

Aug 24

A one day course, Public Speaking Training in Newcastle. Build the skills you need for all your business or professional speeches. In this course you will learn to understand the essentials of giving a good speech, at work or in the conference room.

Public speaking training in Newcastle So you can boost your confidence as you develop your public speaking skills and techniques. The training course is highly interactive and involves you practising each learning point as you progress throughout the day. Your training starts at 0900 and finishes at 1700; consequently it's a full day involving a series of training exercises and public speaking expertise. This is a great chance to enhance your public speaking skills.

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Public Speaking Training In Newcastle 24 August 2017: Learning Points

  • Understand the dynamics of public speaking
  • Learn how to research an audience
  • Know how to prepare for a speech
  • Find out how to rehearse
  • Recognise the value of visual aids
  • Learn the point, turn and talk technique
  • Understand how to use rhetorical techniques
  • Know how to prepare for questions and answers
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How you speak in public says something about you and your public speaking to others. Ideally, that should be positive and affirming. But what happens when your public speaking results aren't positive and affirming? Quite the opposite in fact. It's time for self-improvement. Time for change. Just because you are a nervous public speaker it doesn't follow that you should be a nervous public speaker. And just because you haven't yet mastered public speaking it doesn't follow that you can't master public speaking. As a result you can challenge the perceptions. You can take the right steps to get better. Therefore, you can acquire the simple techniques used by powerful speakers every day. Early bird bookings close on 30 July 2017. All other bookings for this public speaking training in Newcastle close on 11 August 2017.
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Date(s) - 24/08/2017
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I'm the Principal Trainer at Oxford-based presentation skills course provider Time to Market, where I give presentation courses and public speaking sessions at venues across the country.