Save £££s With These Special Offers on Our Public Courses

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You can save £££s with these special offers on our regular public training courses. Book early and you can save nearly 25% off the regular price for a public training course.

Or, take advantage of our Bring a Colleague special offers. Bring one colleague and save 37% on the regular price of a training course. Or, bring two colleagues and save nearly 50% on the regular training price. These Bring a Colleague special offers are available throughout the booking period for each training course.

Early Bird Bookings

Remember to look out for our extensive selection of early bird bookings.

Early bird bookings

Early Bird Bookings

These special early bookings save you £97 on the regular course price for any of our public presentation skills or public speaking training courses.

Remember to look out for the early bird bookings when you are choosing your preferred course.​

September Offers

Save 20% on all public training courses in September 2016 with the voucher code, SEP16.

September offers 2016

The voucher code can be used for all September 2016 public courses booked before the end of August 2016.

Bring a Colleague

There are times when you need to really stretch your training budget.

When it's that time, why not consider bringing a colleague to a training event.

Bring a colleague

Bring a Colleague

Bring a colleague and SAVE. Or bring TWO colleagues and SAVE even more.

All our public course booking forms support the bring a colleague options.

Southampton Offer

You can save 25% off the presentation training course in Southampton on 9 March 2017. Because all you need to do is use the booking coupon SOTON when you book online. Bookings close on 2 March 2017.

Southampton offer

Southampton Offer

When you are ready to book a training course, remember to look out for all the special offers.

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